Friday, 30 September 2011


Princess of Lebanon
A concept event created by director Michel Khattar
Princess of Lebanon is a national event that gather culture and beauty
It is based on the principle of good manners education and envolves all aspects of the traditional life and architecture in Lebanon
Protocol,Lebanese architecture,design,theatre,poetry,are the basis of it’s concept
Girls that attended workshops in the Academy of Good Maners ,created specially for this event, were thought during one month,the basis of protocol,Architecture ,tapestry,theatre and art,by professors from the Lebanese University.
The academy is situated in Deir el Qamar, the town of the Emirs,in the Universite Libanaise campus.
With Academic Director Painter and Sculptor Camille Allam 
After the workshops the participants confronted a jury of  professors and where asked questions about the particular cultural subjects .
The final event was held in a Gala Diner at Hotel El Kadiry,Zahle.
The Hotel was reopened especially for this event.
 The princely families of Lebanon,Lamah,Chehab and Irslan attended the ceremony.
This event is in collaboration with the ministry of culture and minister Gaby Lyoun.
The ministry of Tourism and Fady Abboud.
The Lebanese University ,fine arts branch in Deir el Qamar and Director Dr Mouhamad el Hajj.
During the gala our national singer Darine Hadchity ,and jazz singer Lena Allam were performing and enchanted the Hall
Confronting the jury , the 4 finalists were asked questions and the votes from the public were collected
Enabling Miss Jessica Chantiry to hold the first title of Princess of Lebanon.
The Princess of Lebanon was crowned with a 70.000$ crown by PAOLOBONGIA.

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